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Please Read this page before filling out forms!


  • A BREEDER is the name on offspring registration papers.

  • BREEDER name and NOMINATED BREEDER name must match in order for offspring to be eligible to enter BERI current year. 


  • If BREEDER name on registration papers does not match NOMINATED BREEDER NAME on the Nomination Form, a new nomination form for breeder is required. 

  • Breeder cheque’s will be ONLY be issued to the nominated breeder name. 


BERI Fee Schedule


  • Breeders annual nomination for mare owners with or without one stallion - $750. + GST.

  • Payment of $787.50 including GST is due April 1st, annually (with or without one stallion)

  • Additional Stallion Fee is $315.00 including GST

  • *No additional stallions nominations will be accepted after May 15th, annually. 

  • *The sooner you nominate the sooner we can start to promote you & your stallion! Don't wait! *


·    Each field is REQUIRED in the nomination form - please do not leave any blank.

·    Please fill out a NEW FORM for each additional stallion you would like to nominate. 

·    Each Stallion nominated must be paid for in full before accepted. 

·    Acceptable forms of payment: e-transfers, or cheque in mail. (NSF charge $50)

·    BREEDER Name MUST be in comment section of E-transfer to match stallion nomination with payment. 

·    Do not send separate E-transfers for separate stallion nominations if all stallions are being nominated under same farm name. Fees can be combined into same E-transfer.

·    If separate stallions are being nominated under DIFFERENT Farm Names, then please send separate E-transfers under the respected name. 

·    E-transfers are to be sent to

·    E-transfer password must be breederselite​


**You must provide poster and pictures and website or Facebook address when submitting nomination form** 






*For breeders who are NOT nominated in 2023 there will be an initial enrollment fee of $1500+GST for the first year of nomination when accepted into the program off the waitlist.  After the first year the annual enrolment fee will then be $750+GST for each consecutive year enrolled.

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